012: Setup an Affiliate Program with Clickbank, Rapid Action Profits, WarriorPlus, and JVZoo

If you like massive viral traffic, building a huge following that you can't turn off or slow down even if you wanted to, multiply your sales and build your list faster than you ever thought possible, then you need to check out the easy steps involved with setting up an affiliate program in today's podcast.

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Topics include...

  • The easiest way to get your affiliate program without a monthly or yearly fee
  • How to give away 100% of your product sales and still make money
  • How to sell your products on multiple storefronts
  • Making your affiliate go viral in just a few words
  • How to take your business to the next level and change it forever using a secret strategy almost no one else uses

Check out the button below to listen to the podcast now, and you know the deal... if you can leave at least 10 comments under this blog post, I'll also post the transcript! Leave 50 comments and the comments will be closed, so hurry up and add your two cents below right away!

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  1. Howard says:

    The background music over the first 3 minutes of the podcast is REALLY annoying. As a professional musician, I find it hard not to be distracted by the music — in spite of the fact that it is from a genre that I actively dislike.

    I can put up with intro music — provided that it fades out a second or two after the start of the speaking.

    I came very close to just closing the page after the 2nd minute of that horrible background noise (er, music, using a sufficiently loose definition of “music”).

    Ok, I managed to make it through the whole podcast (despite the annoying “music” on both ends).

    And I’m looking forward to reading the transcript. If for no other reason than it will be without the “music.”

    Other than that, I thought the podcast was interesting. I’ve heard most of the ideas before, but I haven’t acted on most of them, and I think that I’m ready to try. The main reason I haven’t pursued my own affiliate program yet is simply because I didn’t have any good information on how to structure it or what services I needed to use (even though that information is probably available in lots of places on the web).

    So, once I see your transcript, I will be able to track down the resources you mentioned — but I’m not going to go through all that “music” again just to get those tidbits of information.

    Maybe that’s harsh. Personally, I hate podcasts, and I hate videos even more, because I can read at 2000 words/minute, and the information density of a podcast or video is incredibly low. I will sometimes listen to podcasts when I’m driving a long distance, but otherwise I seldom bother.

    But I have noticed that podcasts (and videos) seem to be incredibly popular. In particular, the podcasts and videos that I have personally produced tend to be more popular than my written articles, and indirectly, they even make more money than my written articles. Maybe I need to get over my dislike for the medium, but I have no idea how to come up with the extra time needed to get my information from a source so incredibly slow.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to sign off here, and go make a couple of videos 🙂

  2. Ken says:

    For awhile I was using enounce software, but with its expense and lack of 100% compatibility, I now use downloads whenever possible and use playback speed control of the free VLC player.

    I’ve found that pushing the envelope (2.5 to 4 x speed), and then backing off I can easily understand almost anything at 1.5 – 2.0 playback speeds. (Except for the most information dense recordings…)

  3. Howard says:

    Just want to clarify that I’m another Howard and not the guy moaning about the audio/music/video. In fact, I’m happy to get the Robert Plank show just as is. I’m especially looking forward to adding partners to my marketing efforts.

  4. Howard says:

    Music in the intro is ok. Just don’t play it for 4 minutes. Kill it within 10 seconds of the start of any speech, and don’t start it back up more than 10 seconds before the end. If you do that, I don’t really care what kind of needledrop you use.

    As for the content of the podcast, I thought it had some good ideas that I need to try out.

  5. Mark Call says:

    Great content, Robert… As a professional podcaster I kinda LIKE the music bro!

    Upbeat and keeps it exciting man!

    Great job! AWESOME CONTENT!

    Loved the numbers breakdown and CLEAR instruction!

    – Mark Call

  6. Miguel says:

    Affiliate programs are certainly a great way to build list, get sales and generate “buzz”, quickly and to effectively to get “ka-Ching” NOW!

    I love the idea of leveraging other people’s lists and other people’s trusted buyers to promote my offerings. Selling my own digital products through Clickbank is quick and easy to implement.

    A 100% Affiliate program commission is brilliant. Reduces risk with a high premium payback to the buyer; what an opportunity for rapid and massive distribution.

  7. Yes another great podcast presentation. I agree about the music being to long and I have been experimenting with own podcasts (beginning level) with the music length intro and outro. Same applies for videos as well.

    The content/message as all ways from Robert is top shelf.

    To Ken & others you may like to try GOM video player google it. There is a control panel in the bottom r/h corner and this has the ability to speed up and slow down the audio. I use this player all the time. Great for webinars when people just waffle on. That’s another story.

  8. rudy says:

    Podcasts should be an art that is catered to the listener. Robert Plannk sounds like a person who would have valuable information but because I have no control over the podcast I too turned it off after the first 3 minutes. I mean literally it would not turn off unless I wanted to get out of the site or have to listen to all 33 minutes of it. I also feel that it is great to hear the diversity of the music for introduction for 30 seconds and then it should be faded out as you hope the listener is there for the content. As per previous comment I can scan 800 words in less than a minute and video/ sound recordings turn my stomach for 2 reasons.

    1-Too many people waste the first 5 minutes telling a sob story of how they went from rags to riches rather than getting to the point. Get to the subject of interest for your observer NOW.

    2. You introduce the subject of the recording in your email and then re-introduce it in the first part of the recording. Don’t waste the potential customers time.
    Make the point of the subject the fluff and hype without all of the production aspects as the people you are reaching are there for product knowledge not entertainment.

    These are meant to be constructive criticisms for those wanting to use these mediums . I go through 400 emails a day and quite frankly when I see a video I get out of the site because they drone on too much about nothing. Hope this helps.

  9. Wyndell says:

    It’s good to have an affiliate program like this. The 7 dollar script has been updated after almost 2 years in the dust.

    I just hope Mr. Robert Plank would be kind enough to provide a WP plugin to integrate these systems.

    Another product and build another affiliate program from it.

  10. Scott says:

    Thought it was a great podcast.

    Music didn’t bother me at all.

    Relating your personal experience when setting up an affiliate program gives the listener the sense that, ‘Hey this guy really did this stuff’, in other words…. you become more trustworthy and the listener gets a sense that he/she can do it.

    If you’re new to internet marketing you should listen to this a couple of times. Then read the pdf and follow the links….. you’ll be steps ahead because you’re following someone who’s run the race.


  11. Don Bizman says:

    It has been a real refresher. Robert is teaching it the way it’s. The information provided here when properly used can be really powerful, as it’s one of fastest ways to build a list…

  12. Robert Plank says:

    The good thing about running a podcast is you can re-upload the file if you have to re-edit it.

    There is now only 30 seconds of intro music (instead of 3 minutes) — strange that something like that would affect your listening but no big deal.

    It’s good to have an affiliate program like this. The 7 dollar script has been updated after almost 2 years in the dust.

    I just hope Mr. Robert Plank would be kind enough to provide a WP plugin to integrate these systems.

    No need, just use Rapid Action Profits + Wishlist Member + the RAP-Wishlist add-on and you have a membership site and an affiliate program… explained in the audio and in our course SetupAnAffiliateProgram.com.

  13. Elsom says:

    Excellent info just when I need it. Thanks. Especially appreciated the specific details from your experience.

  14. Marco De Veglia says:

    Well, this podcast was very much newbie-oriented, so not as interesting as others from Robert that I listened to.

    It made me think that there would be a WordPress plugin that let me listen to a streaming file (MP3, MOV, MP4, FLV or various video websites) and increase the play speed exactly as I can do with VLC, it would be awesome for many people.

    I agree that listening to long, slow, streaming audio/videos is pretty unproductive when you know how to to fast reading. I did much faster by downloading the file and listening with VLC at 1.50x that streaming it from this page.

    Robert, are you going to do this plugin? (call it WPPowerStreaming)

  15. Jim Berry says:

    Really enjoyed the listening, Robert. Good insights and ideas.

    Many marketers still do not utilize an affiliate program to enhance their product sales and traffic.

    Oddly, a great deal of the traffic generation information excludes bringing affiliates on board as a traffic generation tactic.

    Thanks again!


  16. Ray Edwards says:

    Great post and podcast as usual Mr. Plank. Worth listening to. As always, I’m impressed by your acumen.

  17. Hi Robert,

    Excellent podcast on the steps to setting up an affiliate program.

    I recall hearing the 100% commission concept from Lance in one of your webinars awhile back and this podcast goes into all the details on exactly how to go about setting it all up, very educational (as always)

    I will be setting up my sales funnel for one of my products in the next few days and will now be implementing this strategy on it.

    Thanks for another piece of superb advice, (keep ‘um coming)


  18. Judy Jackson says:

    Been waiting for this podcast because I’m needing to set up affiliate programs — so YAY RAH THANKS ROBERT!!! You ALWAYS deliver such good, detailed, workable content. I’m going to have to listen to this one several times and take notes.

    As far as the music is concerned, I didn’t have a problem with it at all. It’s only there during the intro, I can hear ‘Dave’ just fine, wasn’t too loud at all, and it totally stops when you start talking.

  19. RobR says:

    The intro music isn’t too bad, but I prefer a short intro then on to the good stuff! As always, some great info here, especially about the affiliate program stuff. I have a few of my own products and this gave me some great ideas to take action on. Thanks, Robert!

  20. Hi Robert,
    Very timely for me since I am in the midst of setting up an affiliate program for our “SolFood: food for the soul cooked with the sun” project and membership site.


  21. Dan Martin says:

    I liked that. I’m still not thrilled with the podcast format, just listening to someone talk, my mind wanders. This time however, I knew what the subject matter was AND I knew how long the presentation was going to take. That allowed me to determine if listening to the podcast now was best, or to shelve it until later.

    The presentation was easy to understand, pushed a few products I either own or thought about buying at some point. I hadn’t thought about the tax angle. Having Clickbank take care of that is well worth the $50 set-up fee. Now I just need to find someone that owns a Diner’s card so that I can get paid.

  22. Cliff Pasta says:

    Thanks for providing this great source of information, it helped spark a few good ideas. Setting up a comprehensive affiliate program always seemed like a daunting task, but not so much now.

    At first, the idea of giving away a 100% affiliate commission seemed counter intuitive to making money online. But as you explained the process of making an even larger sale on the “backend” and keeping all of that – it really is a smart business process.

    Thanks for the hot tips and inside information,


  23. You packed in some great information here, Robert.

    With regards some other comments above, I do find that podcasts would take up my productive time if I listened to them while sat at the computer.

    That is why I prefer to download then and listen to them in my player while doing something else.

    However, having said that, I do prefer reading if I want to gain information, that is why your transcripts are so useful.

  24. Kater says:

    I like podcasts, but I think my attention wanders easily after 10 minutes. I have the same issue with online videos…unless the topic is about cats. :>

    I do appreciate the affiliate chat. I think I have the original $7-Script on my hard drive. The 100% affiliate commission always makes perfect sense when someone explains, but when you have to apply it to something you spent hundred/thousands creating there is a big hesitation.

    Personally, I think podcasts are best for when something else doesn’t hijack the one’s attention – like listening to when driving. That doens’t require full attention.

    Until next time…Kater

  25. Laurie Mills says:

    As usual your Podcasts are very informative and not full of it, lol.
    Hope you keep these coming as we all need the right info to get going properly and not waste our time and resources.
    Thanks again, laure

  26. Hi Robert,

    Wow! What a great list of affiliates to pursue! I believe this is an important part of pursuing sales online. I’m going to have to listen again to get them written down.

    The interview concept is a unique idea. I like doing interviews – they’re fun! Great way to help affiliates.

    Having been through setupanaffiliate.com, your podcast was a great addition.

    Thanks for sharing

    Theresa 😎

    P.S. Didn’t even notice the music with such great content . . .

  27. Jerry Roberts says:

    The information here is quite basic and only applicable to beginning marketers. All Robert is really pushing here is giving 100% commissions on a low-ticket product (like $7) and that’s supposedly going to draw a ton of affiliates who will drive sales. Any profit is made on an upsell.

    100% commissions and low-ball front-end products have been around for a while and this isn’t news. Upsells are commonly commissioned at 50%.

    Clickbank is the 800-lb. gorilla of markets, but there are many others. You should be in all of them. Most have no setup fee and will only charge a percentage of the sale.

    Rapid Action Profits, pitched heavily by Robert in the podcast, gets high marks by most users, but it comes with a significant learning curve. There are other membership scripts that directly integrate the technical side of some of these markets. If you’re a member of the Warrior Forum you can ask questions in the general discussion forum and get suggestions.

    The key to the affiliate business is to network as much as possible, developing relationships. The people who really make it spend more time on that side of the business than anything else.

    Once you land affiliates, spend time getting to know them, their goals, and how you might be able to help them. Most marketers fail to do this. If you impress a well-connected affiliate, they will often introduce you to others in their circle.

  28. Judy Adler says:

    Does Clickbank send you the email addresses of the buyers and how do you automatically incorporate these email addresses into an Aweber list that requires confirmed opt-in?

  29. karen corey says:

    As always, Robert delivers simplicity and good topics. This has been on my ‘to-do’ list for quite a while. I like to listen first and then go back and re-listen when I am erady to do the steps. Thanks – I love your hard work and appreciate your sharing. Worth downloading and listening again several times to write important items down.

  30. Thank you, Robert, for pushing us to set-up affiliate programs! 🙂

  31. Terri says:

    my husband and i were talking about this earlier this morning. i had not thought about putting my product on clickbank since i have a membership site (wpmemberpro) – i have my product in ebook, mp3 and dvd not sure how to price them though – thanks for this podcast

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