082: Don’t Compare Your Insides to Their Outsides: Seven Strategies to Use Positive Pressure to Achieve “Critical Mass” Motivation

  • Quote of the Week: "Even the sharpest of knives cannot cut if held the wrong way." -- Rachel Wolchin
  • Catchphrase of the Week: "Don't hit the baseball, hit through the baseball." Some people on my Little League team even tried "throwing" the bat at the baseball to "save time getting on base." Guess how well that worked out?
  • Thought of the Week: You need to have enough judgement to know when to be the "drone employee" (follow the steps exactly) and when to be the creative CEO (remove steps or experiment)

Seven Motivational Strategies

  • Strategy #1: Four Daily Tasks & Accountability Group: four business related measurable tasks you COMPLETE, and not CONTINUE.
  • Strategy #2: Deadline & Three-Day Window
  • Strategy #3: Minimum Viable Product: what if you had to stop today? (absolute focus on one goal, milestones, and use early profits as motivation to keep going) -- avoid "fake it till you make it"
  • Strategy #4: Do It Better Than "That Idiot Who Doesn't Deserve It" (common enemy)
  • Strategy #5: What's In It For Me (help others with real solutions instead of talking about yourself)
  • Strategy #6: Teach Your Notes, Criteria, Checklists, and Templates (product, membership site, book, blog, podcast)
  • Strategy #7: Don't Compare Your Insides to Their Outsides (keep your own side of the street clean when it comes to: haters, competitors, customers) -- mind your own business, you don't know what happens behind closed doors, what and what "they" are going through. People don't care about your mistakes as much as you think. How do I know? Write down today's date, but 5 years ago. Then try to remember someone you know who embarrassed themselves 5 years ago today. You can't think of one. People won't remember your mistakes or embarrassments either.
  • Bonus: Think about the benefits instead of the difficulties. (i.e. that new car you'll buy instead of your hourly rate)

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