949: Gratitude At Work: Use Grateful Leadership to Defeat Problems and Negativity with Steve Foran

With all life's problems, challenges, and negativity, we may find living exhausting and irritating. Having this negative attitude can reflect in our actions, which can only cause more negativity. So how can you change into positivity? Simply be grateful. Be grateful for your life, the food you’ve eaten, the clothes you wear, your family, work, or anything else. Doing so will definitely bring positive changes in your life.

Steve is the founder of Gratitude At Work, a company that revolves around happiness and aims to provide positive changes in your organization. He also has a book entitled Surviving To Thriving: The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership. His dream is to make 1 billion happier people, which he will do by promoting a gratitude mindset. Listen, learn, and be encouraged as we chat about why gratitude is essential, how you can practice gratitude, and using gratitude as a productivity tool. So stay tuned.


Amazon Book/Podcast: https://www.amazon.com/Surviving-Thriving-Laws-Grateful-Leadership/dp/0995090548

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